I love me, the paradox

We grow up never really understanding who we are because no one teaches us that it’s actually a thing, to find oneself, and to love oneself.

Before being able to love another soul, or before even allowing another soul to influence you, you must first master the art of loving yourself.

It may seem like a conceited thing to say.

I love me.

Yes, I love myself.

Ok, well let’s not say it out loud and be all cocky about it.

Loving yourself is such a fragile crucial process of life. How can you speak to a stranger if you are not confident with what’s about to come out of your mouth?

You need to be confident enough to be able to wear what you’re wearing and allow it to speak. Speak what is on your mind and in no doubt fear a word you say.

There are bigger examples to implement but in simplicity, I encounter a lot of people around me not willing to ask an employee for some extra ketchup.

They question, He/she might say no. He/she might be impolite.

Lets say what you were afraid of really did happen then that reflects on whom the person in front of you is and their internal struggle not yours.

You need to understand everyone on this planet is struggling whether it is internal, physical, or emotional, somewhere somehow there is a struggle, and sometimes you got to let things go, it is not personal.

Loving yourself means believing in yourself, the way you look, the way you speak, and the words you choose.

Loving yourself means loving the faults.

When your faults are loved by you (physical & internal) they automatically become beautiful to others.

Loving yourself means being honest.

If at any point in time you did wrong, believe that and admit it, fix it, or learn from it, then move on.

Loving you means constantly learning, changing and coming to terms with things.

Loving you means allowing them to love you, but if the opposite happens then they haven’t come to terms with loving themselves. 

The paradox: You fall in love with parts of things, it’s never really the whole of anything. But just that part is enough to make you think that the whole of something is everything.

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