Paradox of emotions

Pain is a lethal emotion to the human body.

If you are inflicted with pain, somehow you get addicted.
We turn to drugs when we don’t want to feel.
We turn to our previous pain when we don’t feel, to feel.

When you don’t feel happiness
when you are idle
when you are alone
you turn to what you felt so strongly for
what killed you the most, a source of happiness that turns into pain, because most probably its in the past and all memories are almost painful.
And nothing is more toxic than pain.

And so you drive yourself to remembering all that has happened or all that has been done.
Your regrets, the knives in your back, the knives you placed.
A lost love, a lost dream.
You bring them all back and you relive them because you want to feel.
You are human.

But, In moments of happiness all the above vanish.

You become thankful, loving, positive.
You will complete that dream tomorrow.
You pull out that knife out of your back and forgive.
You learn from the ones you planted.
And you believe in your heart love will come again.

Happiness is an emotion too.
It is not a state of mind.
It is not a way of life.
It’s an emotion.
It is not something that lasts forever.
It is an emotion, just like sadness, just like pain, like love, hate, like, and all those other emotions you feel.

But when happiness comes, all else dissolves, and evaporates like it never existed. Because just like pain, happiness is addictive, it is just as lethal as pain will ever be and pain is inflicted upon us because happiness never stays.

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